Portrait of Iris Murdoch writing a postcard

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Iris Murdoch, An Post are releasing a commemorative stamp of this iconic Dublin-born philosopher and author. An Post have partnered with In Parenthesis to bring you Philosophy by Postcard, a public philosophy project introducing #slowphilosophy and celebrating Iris Murdoch.
Iris Murdoch was born on Blessington Street, Dublin. Send a postcard to Iris Murdoch between July and September 2019 for the chance to be one of 100 people to receive an individual reply from a philosopher. Your #philosophybypostcard will be on one of our limited edition, artist-designed, cards complete with a beautiful special edition Iris Murdoch stamp.
Philosophy by postcard


Find out about the 100 Philosophers who'll be doing #philosophybypostcard with us here. If you're a philosopher and sad you missed the window - don't be! You can still participate by sending a postcard to one of our philosophers.

How do I participate?

Send a postcard to Murdoch’s birthplace. The full address will be released in July 2019 when the postbox opens. In the meantime, on this website you can read more about Iris Murdoch and learn about how to turn your personal experiences and puzzles into #philosophybypostcard! If you'd like to host a #slowphilosophy pop-up postbox in your café, school, home or bookshop just let us know via the contact form.
Blessington Street front door
Irish postbox

FAQ & tips

Intrigued? Interested? Not sure it's for you? We've compiled a useful list of queries and answers here. We'll also be installing pop-up postboxes and postcard-writing workshops at various locations in the UK and Dublin through the life of the project and as part of the Murdoch centenary celebrations. Follow us on twitter to find out if there is one near you!

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