My Question: Does social media feed our ‘fat relentless egos’ and therefore is ‘unselfing’ still possible in the age of the selfie?

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Dear Lucy,

Whilst social media has certainly increased social atomisation, encouraged a pathological and alienating obsession with the ‘self’ and status, it has also, to a certain degree enabled the development of broader social networks, and – most pertinently – political movements. The solidarity and recognition achieved by movements such as #metoo has enabled a kind of ‘unselfing’ which revolves around the rendering intelligible our own circumstances though attending to and recognising the circumstances and struggles of others. Insofar as this itself constitutes a form of ‘loving attention’ – both towards ourselves and to others – often it can be said that social media – with all its ills and barriers to ‘unselfing’ – has catalysed the possibility of a new process or variety of ‘unselfing’


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Anne-Marie McCallion

University of Manchester, UK

Iris Murdoch's philosophy, for me, embodies the possibility of a better philosophy. One which welcomes the challenge of shedding light on the complexities of human life, in manner which does not shy away from the messiness of such enquires.

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