If humans did evolve from apes what will humans eventually evolve into?

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Dear Jim,

Thanks for your question! Recent work in biology shows us that living things do not passively evolve according to external pressures. Rather, they co-construct & co-evolve with their environments changing both themselves & the ecosystems in which they live. This means that we are shaped by the activities & projects of our ancestors, as will the future of humanity be shaped by ours. Our response to the climate emergency, for example, will affect what we become & what becomes of our world. So the answer to your question is: what we will evolve into is an open question, & very much up to us!

Yours, Andrew Cooper

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Andrew Cooper

University of Warwick, UK

Iris Murdoch taught me to view the attention I give to things - everything from rocks to chickens, my neighbours and even philosophical concepts - as a matter of love. Every encounter becomes an invitation to see, to love. Alarmingly, wonderfully, my character stands or falls on what I make of this invitation.

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