How do you take your philosophical ponderings and make them practical in everyday life? (This is something I sometimes find difficult) Thank you ? Erika

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Dear Erika,

One of the ways philosophy helps in everyday life is by making us attend closely to what people say and write. This helps to reveal assumptions behind our thoughts and actions. Getting clear about these can broaden our understanding of others, and of ourselves. Philosophy can help in everyday life by making us better at listening + communicating.

Best wishes!

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Benedict Smith

Durham University, UK

Iris Murdoch, for me, is an inspirational philosopher. "We need more concepts", she says, through which to understand ourselves, each other and the world. She also writes that “We no longer see man against a background of values, of realities, which transcend him. We picture man as a brave naked will surrounded by an easily comprehended empirical world”. This image is encouraged by some attitudes that are influential in today’s thinking. I think Murdoch helps to show us a different way…

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