About the postcard

"The thinking behind it was based on Iris’s curiosity about people, life and everything really. I chose the colours to reflect nature and vibrancy. I edited out all the unnecessary to create a feeling of calm and stillness and used a simple outline for the figure. The pose represents her listening."


About the artist

My paintings introduce a story to the viewer, drawing on invented and imagined contexts, places and connections for characters. The familiar and personally known are frequently merged with a store of characters from art history and literature, inviting the viewer in to these sustained environments, almost like a voyeur.

Through narratives my painting practice embeds existential issues: feelings of abandonment are juxtaposed with reflectiveness, disjointedness and fragmentation.

The process of deconstructing and flattening the images moves them towards the abstracted and ambiguous, forcing the viewer to fill in the spaces with something personal to the presented or given story.

Trina Hobson is a full time artist living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She obtained both a degree in Design and a degree in Fine Art at the Ulster University in her home town.

She exhibits her work internationally with her most recent solo exhibition being in New York in April this year, and is currently working towards an exhibition in Australia planned for September 2019.

More information can be found at www.trinahobson.com


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