What do you think is the relationship between consciousness and (non bodily) matter? Can traces of consciousness remain on/in matter (mountains, rocks, paintings…..)

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Dear Orla,

Thank you very much for your question! Looking at it from the perspective of the natural sciences I see no reason to think that non-bodily matter such as mountains, rocks or paintings could contain consciousness. But then, looking at it from the perspective of natural science, I see no reason to think that you or I could contain consciousness either – and yet, of course, we do.

Best wishes from Lincoln,
Ralph Weir

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Ralph Weir

University of Lincoln, UK

In a tradition that tends to favour science-inspired models of philosophy Iris Murdoch fought for a more humanistic approach. Few thinkers have done more to reconnect English-language philosophy with the wider arts and humanities, and to bring ideas from the distant past to bear on present-day issues.

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