Is philosophy a religion?

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Jan. 9 2020

Dear June,

Surprisingly, this is the first time I can remember being asked this question! Philosophy can be a logical method for analyzing ideas. Or an exploration of ideas or advocacy of ideas. As a method, or as an exploration, it is not a religion; as advocacy, it is also not a religion because the ideas need not be religious. However, if philosophical arguments are used to support religion, then philosophy might resemble a religion. Moreover, some non-religious worldviews can also resemble a religion in the manner in which they are held and in their life importance. So like many philosophical questions, the answer is not straightforward and involves careful reflection!

Best wishes,
Dr. Brendan Sweetman
Rockhurst University

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Brendan Sweetman

Rockhurst University, USA

Her work provides rich insights into the concept of the good, and manages to convey something of its depth while acknowledging the inadequacy of conceptual analysis in this area of experience.

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