How can I become a better person?

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Dear Jo,

Thank you for your postcard and your interesting question. I have been thinking about it for quite a bit of time – with certain restraint since it captures the heart of our moral being and thus requires prudence and care. For me becoming a better person begins with seeing. Not by seeing things or situations “the right way” but seeing justly, humbly and lovingly. This means not merely attending to the inexhaustible detail but also paying careful attention to what illuminates it. Such a perception then leads to sensibility (inner & outer) attitudes, and, finally, choices that enable and make us be better moral beings.

With warm regards,

Vojko S
LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, January 12 2020

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Vojko Strahovnik

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Iris Murdoch's philosophical thought has served me as a guide to the perplexities of morality, including the importance of inner attitudes, and revealed to me the necessity for careful moral perception when considering particular cases. It has extended my moral imagination and illuminated, as she said, "regions of reality which were formerly dark".

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