I’ve been thinking about the idea of money and how it can give power to the wrong people. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Is money equal to power? Hope you’re well. Best, J

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Dear Joaquin

Thanks for your question!

I agree with you that money gives us power over both our own lives, and over others. I also think that with that power comes responsibility, to use the power well and wisely. I therefore also agree with you that we should take care how both are distributed.

Best wishes, Bob
Prof Robert Stern
Dept of Philosophy
University of Sheffield

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Robert Stern

University of Sheffield, UK

One idea from Murdoch that really interests me is her concept of 'attention', as involving a kind of focus beyond the self and on the detail of the world, including other people. I think Murdoch displays this attention herself in the way she does philosophy, which saves her from an overly theoretical and reductive approach, and brings her close to some thinkers in the phenomenological tradition, in a way that I find attractive - and it makes her more enjoyable to read than most philosophers!

Dept of Philosophy
University of Sheffield

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