how do we keep our moral compass in such a corrupt and profit driven world? Do we give up on our dreams? Xx

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Dear Jean,

Much of the world around us disregards what’s moral and equates a successful life with being rich. You can decide, however, how money and like things will shape your behaviour. It’s true though that its more difficult to swim against the tide, and if you don’t make a conscious effort, then your behaviour will probably conform to that of those around you. Your effort doesn’t have to be a lonely one. We can find others with similar values to our own and share our lives with them.

To the relatives and colleagues you can’t pick and choose, you can be an example of what’s possible –

Yours sincerely
Shane Ryan

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Shane Ryan

Nazarbayev University, Ireland

Her philosophy was anchored in life. While her moral philosophy recognises the importance of character, she also paid attention to complexity and appearances. She wasn't doing philosophy based on simplifying idealisations but rather her philosophy was for the world we inhabit.

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