What do you make of your legacy?

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Dear A.

With characteristic humility Iris Murdoch would be humbled by her legacy to British letters and philosophy. Yet she would also be certain that her work, in its commitment to the search for truth and its demand for tolerance and love for others, was worthy of it. She believed in the power of language to relate to the world in which we live, and in the power of art to make us more morally responsible. This was her legacy to humanity.

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Anne Rowe

University of Chichester/Kingston University, UK

I admire the accessibility of Iris Murdoch's philosophy. Sound practical and helpful common sense merges effortlessly with sophisticated philosophical positions in her novels, making them relevant to the lives of all her readers, regardless of their level of knowledge or background. All you need is to be human to enjoy and learn something of value, and that knowledge will sit like a small jewel in a box of treasured wisdom that can be taken with you throughout your life.

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