I have always wondered what is a true friend?

Thank you

from Michael

Philosopher's reply

Dear Michael,

I think that 2 essential features of being a true friend are knowing the other person, and deeply caring about them (which sounds to me a lot like love). I think it’s also important for one’s knowledge to be open-ended: to want to know them better or more fully rather than resting content with trivial knowledge.

All the best, Cathy

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Cathy Mason

Cambridge University, UK

What Murdoch means to me: The first time I read Murdoch's philosophy, I was completely baffled by it. But pretty soon afterwards, I found myself picking it up again, and then again. Her work can be obscure, but it's rich and often powerfully written, and it somehow resonates with me. Reading Murdoch, you really feel the pull of her vision. On each new read, I find myself noticing wonderful throw-away lines that give me plenty to ponder, and that will certainly lead me to return to her work once more.

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