Can you hate someone you once loved?

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Dear Aysha,

Hi! You asked “can you hate someone you once loved.” It’s a painful question. Perhaps one answer is this – those we love, over time, change. Often, they change for the worst; life can damage us, often beyond all recognition. In awful cases, that person no longer exists; they become some different person – one we cannot but find hateful.


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Ian James Kidd

University of Nottingham, UK

I think Murdoch was one of the most significant moral philosophers of the last century – a critic of facile forms of thinking about human life, and the champion of a broader inspirational vision of our situation within the wider order of things. She's a powerful example of a sort of moral philosopher that's unpopular these days – openly humane, existentially deep, historically informed, attentive to the complexities of human beings.

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