Hello! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask you questions.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about “self love” and I’d love to get your thoughts. Is true self love possible? How can we be kind to ourselves when we suffer the most from our own choices & flaws? Is it true that you can’t truly love someone until you love yourself – and does that apply to all relationships?

Yours truly,


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Dear Josie,

My dear creature, thanks for very nice card. What is this self we love, when we love selves? I should think it can't be some isolated, egotistical crumb. My self is simply I, my doing things in the world. Loving selves, then, simply affirms as much: your (mine, our) being and agency. What keeps the body nurtured? What calms the mind, makes it see more clearly? What helps you step up to support others - a neighbour, social group, the earth? What pushes you forward creatively? (Write, write, write!), There self love springs.

Very much love, I

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Chris Sylvan Meyns was a poet, developer and architectural conservationist from Scandinavia.

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