How can I feel sometimes lost in my life?

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Dear Fern

Thank you for your question. All the best philosophical questions are very personal, like yours. Everyone occasionally feels lost in their lives. They are absorbed in a project or a relationship which provides them with meaning and direction, and suddenly they lose interest. Maybe there is no explanation. Often the best response to feeling lost is to listen more attentively to the other people involved – to really listen is a great skill. But sometimes your involvement with a project or relationship has to come to an end, and it’s fine to take some time to reflect on what you find most meaningful, and then to go and search for it.

Good luck with the search!


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Christopher Cowley

UCD, Ireland

I am interested in (i) her idea of loving attention, and the example of M and D from 'The Idea of Perfection'; (ii) the relationship between perception, deliberation and action, as explored in her 'Vision and Choice in Morality'.

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