How is our self worth formed? Do we see it through others or our own eyes (mind).

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Dear Niamh,

It is by being seen, heard, and cared for that we first acquire a sense of self-worth. As we mature, we continue to need to be seen and appreciated by others, to have worth in their eyes, but we also need to develop a sense of our own worth that stands on its own. This can be tricky.

We must avoid basing our self-worth entirely on comparison with others. We must find the beauty in our uniqueness; each of us is one of a kind, one of an extraordinary kind of creature.

Sincerely, Bridget Clarke

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Bridget Clarke

University of Montana, USA

Murdoch showed that you have to be fearless, rigorous, and creative to illuminate the moral possibilities of everyday life and to address (what she called) "the real problems." She showed that you don't have to look to a faraway place to experience or to examine transcendence; it is a part of ordinary human life. She showed, and continues to show, how to reflect on moral questions in a way that is both good-humored and uncompromising.

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