How do you know to trust yourself – is the you today doing right by the you tomorrow?

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Dear Aisha

Although cultivating forethought is good and necessary, the me today has to decide and act without the benefit of perspective the me tomorrow has. Thus, I hope that the me tomorrow will be forgiving of the me today if I promise to be mindful of the me tomorrow and not focus exclusively on current projects and needs. This will not always be easy given their immediacy but I can only do my best.


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Stephen Burwood

University of Hull, UK

Encountering Murdoch’s philosophical work for the first time as an undergraduate was a liberation: here was a philosopher who appeared to remember that other people were central to the moral life – and not just other people as an undifferentiated number or as the object of my actions and exercise of my will but as people and so created a space in which compassion could reassert its proper place.

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