What is unconditional love?

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Dear David,

To love someone unconditionally is to love them without need or expectation, and so, to love them for whoever they are, whoever they have been, and whoever they become.
One might then ask to what extent this form of love can and should play in our lives, so full of the delicate beauty and goodness that arises from our needs, and hopes.

Vida Yao
January 2020

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Vida Yao

Rice University, USA

Iris Murdoch challenges us to think boldly about moral philosophy: what life would be like if centered around love, and what love and morality would be like if centered around vision and attention. She was that rare philosopher who unearths such deeply-held dogmas one is left shaken and unsure to what extent one’s own vision is clouded by those dogmas. She expands my imagination of what moral philosophy can be, demonstrating the possibility and importance of rich and ambitious work.

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